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Ear Tag

The Ear Tag is a compact device that monitors animals’ vital signs, including temperature, oxygen levels, pulse rate, and location. Easily attachable to an animal’s ear, it wirelessly sends real-time data to a repeater station for analysis. This non-invasive solution aids in animal health management and tracking.


The LongRange Repeater is a robust device that receives and relays vital sign data from Ear Tags over extended distances. It forwards information to local storage devices and remote servers for centralized analysis, enabling seamless animal health management and tracking in remote locations.


The Drone is an advanced aerial device that not only receives and relays vital sign data from Ear Tags over vast distances, but also provides live monitoring for livestock. By combining data transmission capabilities with real-time aerial surveillance, it enhances animal health management and tracking, offering comprehensive insights for owners and veterinarians.


The LAT App consolidates data from Ear Tags, Repeaters, and Drone, offering a comprehensive animal management solution. Users can access real-time health information, categorize livestock, and utilize advanced management features for efficient monitoring and organization.