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Lewis Anitech GmBH® (LAT)

has been established to address the essential need for distinctive animal technology that provides all necessary animal’s data and general health real-time data vital senses transmission.
LAT is dedicated towards creating Artificial Intelligence environment providing better understanding of animals’ different conditions and help improve its feed, bread and production.


“Lewis Anitech strives to become a worldwide leader in animal technologies and applications”


Single affordable technology and application for animal health and well-being monitor.
Contribution of all - Scholars, Scientists, and students - key factor for success.
Safe and effective devises to help all.
Annual international summit dedicated towards animals’ technology.
Social media platforms concerned with animals’ technology and well-being.

“In a world of rapid development and technological advancement, as we all live in a changing environment not only us humans but also other species who all form a complete ecological system COVID pandemic being on of the biggest crises humankind has faced, has brought more focus into keeping a close eye and proper monitor to people's health The question remains, however, what about animals living among us. Shouldn't they also be a part of this monitor? Pets and livestock are a major pan of this system that shall be monitored immediately. Lewis Anitech has come-up with a fully comprehensive plan that shall cater for such need by introducing tie first animal microchip of its kind giving the ability of keeping data and records. instant health and well-being watch as well as keep a track of the animal at all times”

Luai Abu ObiedCEO


Developing animal technology to enhance the lives of animals and create an innovative environment for animals.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can be utilized in animal management to provide a machine-learning-based approach to monitor and analyze various aspects of livestock, such as medical conditions, growth patterns, well-being, feeding, and breeding, leading to more informed and data-driven decisions and machine-based proposals for best livestock practices, while also enabling projections and enhanced comparative analysis for livestock practices across various parameters.

Data Mining

Electronic animal data management provides a comprehensive overview of animal health and wellness, including medical, nutritional, and environmental information on both an individual and collective level, coupled with a range of analytical reporting and comparative analysis tools to facilitate more informed decision-making.


The advantages of having electronic access to animal information include improved management through constant availability, enhanced comparative analysis through different real-time reporting options, and better decision-making facilitated by comprehensive electronic records and statistics.


The main benefits of protecting animal health include safeguarding against the spread of pandemics and epidemics, preventing other diseases in their early stages, and preserving the ecosystem.

Why Lewis AniTech?



Ability to show all animals vital senses on real-time basis via wireless connectivity


One tag scan by Mobile phone or tablet that can access all animals profiles and data at all times


Comprehensive and complete animal, owner, vet, commerce and government platform

Medical Profile

Full animal medical profile including medical history available at one tag scan


Alert system for animals medical and status along with any related planned tasks


Track animals with accurate locations and tracking profile along ability to create zones with alerts.

Data Mining

Patterns and relationships creation and identification for the purpose of better animal management, condition and growth

Intelligent Network

Connected users application that will save time, effort and cost involved in animal management processes by offering complete electronic platform accessible at all times


Government gate and open electronic network whereby all rules and regulations are being properly implemented and continuously monitored


Full electronic commercial platform that provides needed documentation, approvals, logistics and follow-up on animal trade from start to end at minimum cost levels

Trade Protection

Complete animal monitor and management reflects positively on animal trade results and growth

Food Security

Better animal control, monitor and management results in better animals well-being, growth and welfare creating balanced food security element

Data Bank

Complete data bank including animal’s health, conditions, environment, future feeding and future breeding creating limitless knowledge on animals for better growth and management

Artificial Intelligence

System simulation of intelligent processes and accumulated data including: medical, behavioral and environmental and the creation of logical correlations of different processes; the system will articulate and propose potential problems and solutions for different types of users


System flexibility and latest database usage as well as ease, compatibility and ability of hardware and software to integrate has created a buffer zone for existing technologies in place to become upgradable

Environment Protection – Future

Application of tools and methods to help improve the animal impact on global warming byway of creating a better understanding of the impact, better measurements and better methodologies to implement

Feeding – Future

Introduction of techniques, methods, database and electronic processors to provide fit and proper animal feeding in terms of nutrition, quality and quantity resulting in healthier animal growth, better animal produce, lower environmental impact and proper food management

Breeding – Future

Creation of tools and methods to provide full observation upon animals breeding status and conditions to help sustain balanced breeding in addition to highlighting different breeds strengths and weaknesses

Animal Welfare

Data analysis of animals environment and conditions and the role of AI to propose better environment and conditions will result in better animal welfare


Fully integrated system with easy methods of data transition while providing a single platform with all parties involved will result in proper market organization